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September 5, 2006
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AcidWing profile by AcidWing AcidWing profile by AcidWing
Felt like I needed a new devart ID, so this MTMTE type profile, beautifully composed by Ursa Magnus will do for now.:)

Please download to see full view.

Lines: Yours truly.:D
Update: Colors by Tristen MacDonald
MTMTE Allspark template: Ursa Magnus

Predacon: Acid Wing

Primary Function: Elite Warrior

"Accomplishing the impossible and the unexpected is what I do best."

Bio: [From the personal datatracks of Ravage, Tripredacus Agent; Security Level Charax] After the cessation of hostilities between the Autobots and the Decepticons and the instigation of the Pax Cybertronia, many great warriors were scheduled for termination due to what were perceived as "war crimes" by our Autobot oppressors. A relative few such as myself and X-Warlock were forced into servitude, but the triple-changer warrior known as Acid Wing was to be made an example of. To his credit, he was able to escape Cybertron using a newly-developed Transwarp shuttle. According the the recovered datatracks from this shuttle, Acid wing intended to rebuild the Decepticon forces in exile, and ventured deep into a previously unexplored galaxy, following a signal that intermittently called to him ever since he first acquired his third beast-like alternate mode from Shockwave long ago. It was then that he discovered what he thought was a dead world, but in reality it was much more. His shuttle critically damaged on descent by dormant xenomorph technology, he crash-landed and slipped into emergency Stasis-Lock. He awoke centuries later, reformatted by the shuttle's Emergency Recovery Systems into a Predacon resembling the strange biomechanical xenomorphs that inhabited that world. Unfortunately, the primitive nature of his upgrade and refomatting affected his programming, and he served as head of the elite Royal Guard unit under the Empress Queen of the xenomorph Hive, believing he was indeed a true native of that planet. Eventually correcting this malfunction, Acid Wing departed that world, and set course back to Cybertron. En route, he encountered a transwarp anomoly that transported him to prehistoric Earth. The Tripredacus Council is greatly interested in him, and I have been instructed to reestablish contact and control over him once I complete my primary mission objective of dealing with the renegade.

Weapons/Abilities: Acid Wing gains the advantage of many abilities due to the unique nature of his beast mode. His exoskeletal structure provides him with excellent armor, able to easily withstand most small- to medium-grade Cybertronian weaponry and massive fluctuations in temperature. He is able to scan a wide variety of visual spectrums. His internal fluids have been replaced in an as-yet unknown manner with a highly corrosive molecular agent, and dissolves virtually anything it comes into contact with. This unique nature of his internal fluids also renders him immune to most cybervenoms as well as granting him remarkably accelerated regeneration capabilities. His beast mode claws and teeth are able to rend high-grade metals, as well as his tail delivering a poison sting. He is also capable of flight in beast mode. In robot mode, he is a master of several Cybertronian Martial Arts. His beast mode tail converts into an electron pulse blaster capable of overloading a Transformer's electrical system and knocking them offline for up to a day.

Weaknesses: Acid Wing is a loner by nature, and can become overwhelmed if presented with situations which may require outside assistance. His fierce loyalty to the Decepticon cause, and his former commander Megatron in particular, could theoretically be used against him. While he has gained many abilities thanks to his upgrade, he has lost his triple-changer status, and can no longer fly as fast as he once was able. His lack of any substantial ranged weaponry makes him a hindrance to long range operations.
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